Core Values

A little about Our Story

Core Values – Roots


Our Story – Generations of Faith

Geographically you can find us in rural PEI; a growing church with a big heart. The ministry here was established years ago, 1860 to be exact, so we have a long and colourful story of faith. Many have come through the doors and found both God’s blessing and a warm welcome.

Our Vision

As with most ventures, there are times of ebb and flow, growth and decline.  These days we are in a period of rebuilding and the excitement is evident.    All of God’s people are in process and in that process we, as a church, seek to discover the full measure of both God’s Grace and His Truth.  How this process works into our lives as individuals and as a church will be our ongoing focus.

As our church grows we are finding it can get messy where Grace and Truth meet but we know both are essential.  It is our desire to embrace that mess and we welcome you to join us on the journey.  In his book “Deep and Wide” Andy Stanley gives us a reminder which seems to apply to us – perhaps you will find it resonates with you as well: “Either you were a mess, are a mess, or are one dumb decision away from becoming a mess… You needed somebody to take you just as you were.  That’s what Jesus did for me.  That’s what Jesus did and will do for you.”

Statement of Mission

We exist to lift up Jesus so all who look to Him will find freedom.

Covenant of Grace – What We Believe

We know we are sinners in need of a Saviour
We have encountered Jesus
He has set us free
He is our greatest treasure
Our hearts are open to learn more from Christ
We recognize we only fully live when connected to Him
Our desire is to share this journey with those around us

If you would like to know more about this fellowship, we invite you join us on Sunday morning or contact our church leadership.


We are affiliated with the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada, with whose Statement of Faith we agree.  The intention of that affiliation is to be and receive support, gain access to varied resources and benefit from the shared mission of the combined body of believers.  To be one of over 460 Baptist churches in Atlantic Canada means that we are stronger together than we are on our own and are the beneficiaries of the Convention commitment to help churches grow passionate disciples focusing on three key objectives: Evangelizing, Teaching and Serving.

Part of the Convention organization includes two educational institutions with degree granting programs namely, Crandall University and Acadia Divinity College, as well as youth camps scattered around the region.  Our camp on PEI is the much loved Camp Seggie!  Be sure to check out the links found here to learn more about the partnerships and organizations of your Convention.  A world of resource and information.