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Our Story – Generations of Faith

Geographically you can find us in rural PEI; a growing church with a big heart, lively worship and friendly people. The ministry here was established years ago, 1860 to be exact, so we have a long and colourful story of faith. The groundwork was laid for solid Biblical teaching and while the foundations of faith haven’t changed, the invitation of today’s worship, has. Many folks have come through the doors and found both God’s blessing and a warm welcome and we encourage you to be one of them!


We are affiliated with the Canadian Baptists of Atlantic Canada (CBAC).  The intention of that affiliation is to be and receive support, gain access to varied resources and benefit from the shared mission of the combined body of believers.  To be one of over 450 Baptist churches in Atlantic Canada means that we are stronger together than we are on our own, and are the beneficiaries of the Convention commitment to help churches grow passionate disciples focusing on three key objectives: Evangelizing, Teaching and Serving.

Part of the Convention organization includes two educational institutions with degree granting programs namely, Crandall University and Acadia Divinity College, and also includes youth camps scattered around the region.  Our camp on PEI is the much-loved Camp Seggie!  Be sure to check out the links found here to learn more about the partnerships and organizations of your Convention.  A world of resource and information.