30 is the New 40: or, Taking the Bypass

30 is the New 40: or, Taking the Bypass

April 1, 2014
Posted by: Jeannie Prinsen
Posted In: An Encouraging Word
  • Jeannie, the idea of a bypass that would have allowed me to avoid the rough traffic might sound enticing until I see what that means I would have missed out on in life. Thanks for the reminder.


  • You’re welcome, Tim — I appreciate your commenting on this post.

  • “By dying and rising again He conquered the power of death, and now no suffering that we experience here on earth can have the last word. ” How encouraging! I’m so glad to have Jesus to guide and comfort me through the white-knuckle lane changes of life!

    • Thank you for commenting here, Adriana. To be honest my life is not that exciting but whether it’s a smooth path or a rough twisty one I am grateful for God’s faithfulness.

  • For me, getting around quickly is good. But getting around without Jesus is not an option. So, as long as he’s on the road with me, I’ll go with the bypass. However, with him, even on the rougher roads, congested with discomfort or things that challenge my patience, the journey is one that is full of joy, surprise and wonder. Thanks for sharing these pearls of wisdom, Jeannie.

  • Beautifully written and beautiful thoughts, Jeannie. Thank you. And Happy Birthday!

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