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Ways to connect:

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Benevolent Fund

As best we can, we assist people and organizations in times of need and a fund is maintained for the purpose of assisting those in nearby communities. Anyone may contribute to this fund.  Connect  with us if you wish to be a part of that ministry, though the various social media, email or phone.

Lend a Hand – Long Creek folks please take note:

We often hear of families in our community experiencing life’s ups and downs who would appreciate assistance with a few meals, a bit of handyman work, or maybe just a hand with a few chores now and then.  If you would like to help in any way and by doing so, extend the love of Christ to the community, we’d be happy to hear from you.  Use the Contact Page, and indicate in your message how you’d be able to help and we’ll pass the message on to the organizers.

You Are Always Welcome

We are constantly looking for new ways to connect with one another and our communities.  In our society this may begin by liking or following our social media pages where you can see updates on events that may be of interest to you.  Also, the church office sends out a weekly email with reminders, prayer requests, and opportunities to fellowship or serve.  You can sign up to be included at the Subscribe link mentioned above.

We encourage you to join a small group.  If you don’t know what we offer (That’s ok; they’re constantly changing!), drop us a note- we’d be glad to fill you in.

We also have regular potlucks on a monthly basis- plan to stay and let us get to know you better. And of course there is our ‘intermission’ every Sunday during our service where we mingle.  This may feel strange, but it is an amazing opportunity to make new connections.

Most of all- if you know of ways we could better connect with you or our communities, please let us know.

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