Church for COVID Days

Church for COVID Days

Greetings Church

December 13, 2020

Though we had been meeting physically again for a number of months, there is a “circuit breaker” in place at the moment with the plan to keep the number of new cases of CoVid to a minimum.  Thus we are leading up to Christmas with Virtual messages again.  We hope to return to meeting together again in the very near future. In any event, digital messages will still be posted weekly. Some folks have been active behind the scenes to make this possible and we appreciate them very much! There are several ways to find the messages:

  • on our YouTube channel.     Like and Share this link with others;
  • on our church Facebook page  “Like” and “Follow” that page to keep you up to date; and,
  • on our website each week in the same tab where you’ve found this message and you can share and comment from there as well.

Other ways to connect: Through the week Pastor Dwight will share insightful thoughts on a Live-stream devotional on occasional Wednesday mornings which you will find on Facebook.  If the time isn’t quite right for you or possibly your internet speed isn’t able to handle the live streaming, not to fear.  The same recorded message will be available shortly after and you can play it when it works for you.  When you “follow” that page on Facebook, you’ll get notifications when new videos are available.  Those who are signed up on our mailing list can watch their email for a Virtual Bulletin on Tuesdays.

We look forward to hearing from you and connecting with you in these days.  Always be watchful for ways to be a blessing to each other and choose joy over worry, day by day.