Easter Sunrise Gathering

Easter Sunrise Gathering


So folks, with the weather forecast as it currently stands, we will still try to continue with the Sunrise Gathering but the breakfast part will not proceed. We will make a call, based on what we know at 7:00 pm today in regard to the gathering itself. If they are still calling for freezing rain, we don’t want people to be on the road, but watch the church Facebook page for an update by 7:00.
To recap, breakfast part is cancelled; gathering will be determined “go” or “no-go” by 7:00 pm today based on what the forecast is at that time.

Greetings, we are making plans for an early morning gathering to hear once again the Bible reading of the amazing story of Christ’s Resurrection, watch the sun rise together and then enjoy a Continental Breakfast outdoors with safety protocols in place throughout. (Please check with Chad or Nancy to sign in when you arrive.) It’s usually just about half an hour and we have a beautiful spot to see the sun rise over the water.  Plan to join us at the Nine Mile Creek Wharf at 6:40 am on Sunday, April 4.  Bring along some breakfast finger foods that can be eaten in this informal setting.  We plan to proceed whatever the weather (unless it’s not safe to be on the road!) but the breakfast portion will be cancelled if the weather isn’t fit. Something beautiful always happens each year even when we can’t see the actual sun rise… an illustration of faith in believing, even when we cannot see.  We hope you can come!  We usually find it best to dress warmly.

Regular worship services on April 4 will be at the church at 9:00 am and 10:30 am.  Please register if you would like to attend those services.  You can message us on Facebook or send us a note at our contact email on this website.  Blessings!

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