Online Church – Join in! Sunday July 26, 2020

Online Church – Join in! Sunday July 26, 2020

Good Sunday Morning, Church!

Here is the link to Pastor Dwight Ingersoll’s message this week.  It will start directly by clicking on the link below or you can go to YouTube, subscribe to Long Creek Church channel (look for our church logo), and under the tab entitled “playlists” you’ll find the list of videos.  If it is helpful, here is the link to Long Creek Church YouTube channel where you will see all of the videos that have been uploaded. Once subscribed you can find any of the videos at any time.

We are now meeting again physically but we will continue offering a digital version here.  This particular week there is a missions focus and we are sharing a pre-taped visit with Michael and Melanie Waddell who will update us about their ministry in the Philippines with Canadian Baptist Ministries.  At the moment, due to COVID and a planned furlough, they are in Canada but, also due to COVID, we are unable to have them physically visit the church as they would normally have done.

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