Steven Perry

Steven Perry grew up in the Cornwall area. He is employed as Operations Manager for a fast-growing local satellite and smart-home business in the area.

He and his wife, Janel have been married for 12 years and are parents to 4 beautiful girls.  The family lives in Fairview.  Steven shares “I grew up going to church but along the way I lost touch with my faith.  My wife invited me to join her in going to Long Creek where she had been attending since her childhood.  One particular Sunday God’s love flooded back into my heart and my faith has been growing ever since.”  Janel and Steven are devoted to spreading the love of God to all they meet.

Steven has been serving in a leadership role at Long Creek for a number of years and became an Elder in 2017.  He is the very patient person managing the sound booth at the back of the church.  As an Elder one of his passions is to find ways to help those in need around us.  He is excited to work together with Pastor Dwight to lead the congregation into the next years of growth.

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